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Professional Actor Headshots in Manhattan

For those who want to work as actors, one of the most important things for them is to get professional headshots. For actors, headshots act as a marketing tool and showcase the best of their features in the best possible way. To some actors photography might come easily, but it is important to get professional headshots to put your best foot forward.

Those in New York and surrounding areas can contact Barry Burns Photography to get quality, professional headshots.

Tips to Deliver the Best Headshots for Actors in New York City

Your actor headshot should bring out your personality, as the idea is to stand out in the crowd and to impress the casting directors.

  • Keep it simple with the right makeup and the right clothes appropriate for the type of headshot you are getting done.
  • Your headshot should complement the kind of work you want to do. Headshots for theater work and films will vary to a great extent.
  • Your headshots should focus on your best features.
  • In a good headshot the eyes must speak volumes for your personality and the kind of looks you can carry as an actor.

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An actor's photographer makes them feel at ease and bring out the best of them in their headshots. When you come to Barry Burns Photography you are guaranteed the best work in the most professional way.

For actors, photography and headshots are an integral part of their career. They constantly need to update their looks and get new headshots to portray the kind of role they want to play and how their features work best for a particular look.

At Barry Burns Photography, they recognize the significance of actor headshots and how a good or bad headshot can make or break careers for new actors.