What is Commercial Photography?
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What is Commercial Photography?

True commercial photography is a profession wherein an individual makes their living taking photographs of events and people for commercial purpose. A commercial photographer is also invited to special occasions like weddings and corporate events to make the events memorable. He can also be assigned to take specific pictures of random people and objects which can be used for advertisement, merchandising or other commercial purposes.

Commercial photographers that excel in their profession often choose several areas to specialize in such as photographing products lines, advertisements, events in NYC, etc. With years of experience in portraying people in different venues, situations and so forth Barry Burns Photography is the perfect choice when it comes to hiring a commercial photographer in NYC. Conveniently located in Manhattan his studio is easily accessible or he can come to your location to highlight the strong points of your business at NYC.

Occasions to hire a commercial photographer

Family Events

Since photography was first invented people have hired photographers to photograph images of their special occasions such as weddings, christenings, birthdays, engagements and anniversaries. While few families keep them as private events, corporate bigwigs and celebrities often turn these occasions into commercialized events by inviting the media and hiring professional photographers to capture the event which can later be promoted in the media.


The professional touch of a commercial photographer is needed whether a Manhattan hotel is designing a menu or a NYC ad agency is doing the creative on a new food product. Making food "pop" on the page is more than just pointing and clicking. To bring out the right mix of colors, texture and background requires years of professional photography experience. For example if a Manhattan hotel wants to show pictures of its chef cooking a gourmet dish then a photographer has to capture the mood and flavor in addition to the chef just cooking delicious food for the guests.


This is the most competitive and glamorous of all commercial photography fields and requires a great deal of experience to learn the various styles and techniques involved. NYC is the fashion capital of North America and the host to many commercial photographers. In NYC fashion photographers specialize in different specialties such as catalog photography, magazine shots, advertisement and fashion shows.

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