Why an Actor Needs a Good Headshot
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Why an Actor Needs a Good Headshot

Any commercial actor who is successful today will tell you how he/she struggled during the early years to find a professional photographer to could capture their “special something” with the perfect headshot. That essential image needed for forwarding to casting agents in search of good talent and the right look. A close up shot of an actor’s face at flattering angles will enable casting directors and producers to find the exact elements of the character they have in mind. An actor’s head shot can be shot in different ways to give different appearances and showcase a variety of personalities and moods.

Requirements of a good actor’s headshot

Every aspiring model and actor requires a professionally shot portfolio which should have a close up picture of the face along with long shots of their profile which can be considered for modeling and movie or television roles. Any professional photographer in Manhattan who has experience in taking headshots of actors will tell you how important lighting is to highlight the positive qualities of an actor’s face. The trick lies in getting the right headshot that showcases your personality and the kind of roles that you are keen on capturing.

What is considered a good headshot for an actor?

A good actor headshot should reveal an actor’s personality so that he can support the director’s vision. The right kind of lighting used during the photo session can capture moods and angles of an actor’s face to highlights their inherent talent. Depending upon their ability to play different roles an actor can get a role with a single headshot or may need to take different headshots to show their facial expressions. Actors need to hire a good photographer that can take good headshots to give them an upscale polished look that stands out from the pack.

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