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Dominick Ameno has been a clinical hypnosis-therapist in NYC for almost a decade, and over the years he has developed a therapeutic style that benefits people suffering from the most stubborn difficulties.

Dominick's approach is effective with anyone who wants to make a change in life. He is non-judgmental and believes that we are far more than just the sum our habits, thoughts, feelings, memories, reflexes and predictable behaviors. Dominick will help you learn to discriminate between what is worth noticing and enhancing in your life and what is worth ignoring, forgetting and simply leaving behind.

Before he became fully a certified master hypnotist, Dominick worked on busy trading floors for tier one financial institutions downtown. This experience has given Dominick acute insight into the pressures of working to deadlines and performance measured industries. He has developed a stress management program that effectively combats the negative aspects of prolonged stress. This program has helped many people and organizations reduce work related illness, burn out, loss of creativity, lack of motivation and industry apathy.

Dominick has a reputation for quickly and effectively treating disruptive personal and inter-personal issues and greatly improving the quality of life for patients. His oncology experience helps patients to successfully manage issues ranging from pain management, insomnia, chemotherapy related anxiety, remission anxiety, terminal illness, chronic lung disease, MND, restrictive lifestyle adaptation, stroke rehabilitation, palliative counseling and post operative conditions.

Dominick's efficacy and success in these most difficult of circumstances also shine brightly when managing more traditional needs. For that reason, his acute work with stopping smoking, weight loss, general anxiety, public speaking, panic attacks, depression, addiction, eating disorders, IBS, OCD, phobias and accelerated learning also changes lives.

Dominick Ameno always explores new avenues of effective therapy and is currently doing research for the NYC School of Hypnosis concerning anticipatory nausea and vomiting. This issue is a common among patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and his research explores new methods and strategies to help those unfortunate enough to be struggling with cancer.

Dominick has appeared on TV as an expert hypnotist and worked with a wide variety of people including those with such intense anxiety they couldn't leave the house for years, people with terminal illnesses, TV Executives, CEOs and award winning directors.

Dominick Ameno has helped people from many walks of life change their futures.



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