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Dominick Ameno

New York City-based artist, Dominick Ameno, was born and brought up in Brooklyn New York; an area now uses his upbringing as a main inspiration. In his childhood during the seventies a trip into Central Park was an annual experience. Now he is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the park almost everyday.

To this day, Dominick says the sight of the park still has a power to lift his spirit and soul. Being a nature buff and spending as much time as he can on, in, or by the park gives him a great understanding of its color and moods.

Through school he always had a talent for Art. In 1988 he obtained his BA degree in Art and specialized in Ceramics on a multi-disciplinary design course. He moved to NYC in the early 90's, settled in the West Village, and produced stoneware ceramics for five years.

It was Dominick’s love of nature that inspired him to start painting again. During this time he also began working as an art tutor. In his tuition work he found himself encouraging his students in their own creativity and self-expression, yet realized he himself was merely painting pretty landscapes. This is what started a time of development and evolution in his paintings which still continues to this day.

Dominick's favorite subjects are trees, lake water, skies and people - elements which are constantly changing. They provide him with a continuing inspiration, demanding many different techniques, styles and media.

Color, light and movement are his inspiration and motivation. His strong, bright paintings are more than just representational landscapes. He observes highlights and interprets the beauty within the city around us. His palette is based almost exclusively on spectrum colors and his technique is to always use direct, strong strokes of brush or palette knife. Dominick's tuition work now consists of small, privately run classes and one-day workshops.

Dominick also does occasional television work and will grasp any opportunity to share his experience of art and the beauty of the natural world. Dominick Ameno is married to Allison, has three children – Kelly, Lance and Dominick Jr. - and everything he paints is dedicated to them.



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