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NYC Photography Tips: Weather Conditions

By Douglas Gilbert

The best way to avoid muted tones or washed-out skies on an overcast day is to keep as much of the sky out of your pictures as possible. Daily weather conditions should determine whether or not you should have sky in your photos. As a headshot photographer NYC, I get to play with an array of lighting options but when outdoors, Iím at the mercy of Mother Nature. One trick Iíve found that works great on overcast days is to use black and white. They seem to appear much better than color in overcast conditions. Beautiful days make me feel like Iím in the studio working on family portraits NYC or child photography New York City. I try to make the most of it and capture the clear blue skies against brilliant white clouds. Iíll even take some of my family portraits NYC outdoors.

Headshot Photographer NYC - Actor Headshots NYC - Headshot Photographer NYC - New York City Photographers