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Professional Maternity Photographer in Manhattan

There is more to maternity photography than a mother standing by the window with her hand lovingly set on her growing belly. Not that there is anything wrong with this picture, but a good pregnancy photographer captures this important time in a woman's life in many creative ways to capture the real essence of the moment.

Those in New York and surrounding areas looking for a pregnancy photographer can contact Barry Burns Photography.

Points to Consider When Thinking About Maternity Photography

Maternity photography's primary focus is on the expectant mother and her joy, and the surrounding environment is secondary. A professional pregnancy photographer will make the background blend in the photograph to make it part of the whole picture. They will also:

  • Keep the shots simple and focus on the occasion.
  • Make the subject feel comfortable so that it shows in the shots.
  • Make the woman feel beautiful. Many women stop feeling great as their pregnancies progress. The woman needs to feel beautiful to look beautiful in the picture.
  • Suggest great ways to include your family in some shots to capture your special time in all its glory.

Call Barry Burns Photography at 212-713-0100 for Expert Maternity Photographs

At Barry Burns Photography, expectant mothers can feel at ease and be assured that they can have their shots taken in the most comfortable manner. Here maternity photography is given a new angle with many creative poses along with the most common pregnancy pictures.

Clients can be sure that simple yet important things are included in the picture. The seasons can be highlighted; creative props like name tags, baby clothes, and sonograms can be included in the pictures. At Barry Burns Photography expectant mothers and their families can expect to have their shots taken with creative props to make the pictures stand out.