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Dear Mr. Barry Burns

It was a pleasure meeting you at the 2004 Commercial Print Forum. Thank you for taking the time to discuss the important aspects of studio photography, the importance of having good headshots, and or good composites, and giving us expert advice.


Nancy Otero



Dear Barry,

I want to thank you for doing such a professional job on my daughter Melissa’s headshots. She was very happy with the shoot, and had a great time with you. You brought out a lot of emotions while working with her. I am recommending you to our friends who need headshots and wish you all the luck in the future. Thank you for making Melissa look so beautiful and for bringing out the actor in her through your photography.


Susan Rocco



When I needed my professional photos I turned to a friend in New York who immediately directed me to Barry Burns, he said, is the best in the business for quality and price. When I first called Barry, he responded with nothing but kindness. Even though I work with my own clients for their business success, I can tell you I myself was very nervous in front of the lens, but from the moment Barry picked up his camera it was Barry’s show. You see, Barry brings a certain type of engaging energy to his work that you simply get lost in the moment. Barry used a lot of humor and storytelling to draw from within me, the proper expression and energy he knew would work. Barry wasn’t simply taking pictures; he was actively directing and creating a motion picture of sorts, from which he would use his still camera to capture portraits that reflect a natural spontaneous moment, which then freed me from my nervousness. The results are spectacular portraits.

Thanks Barry

Kevin W. George M.D.

Success Communities, Inc



Hi Barry,

Just wanted to share with you the positive feed back I got from our last shoot at N.Y. Life. Everybody is thrilled with the natural and relaxed expressions you were able to capture. It was a long day. I believe you photographed at least 15 to 20 executives, and you didn’t tire or miss a beat. Great eye contact, getting through those first moments of tension is your specialty. Also you worked quickly; everybody’s portraits had the same amount of energy needed for our needs.

Thanks again,

Nellie Bobe